Lauren Larsen & The Clarity Cure™

Lauren is a whole soul stylist, specializing in chi energy medicine healing, intuitive tarot & oracle readings, health coaching, astrology, yoga, meditation, spiritual empowerment and life mentoring. She’s studied the healing arts along with many holistic and healing modalities for over 25 years. She's developed a method called The Clarity Cure™ method — a holistic healing approach to wellness by addressing wholeness within the body, mind & soul. 

Her mission is to help her clients heal in order to find their true purpose in life by discovering who they are on a soul level. The blessing of life is to complete ourselves. Deep, deep down inside, we all want to know, "who am I"? and "why am I here"? This yearning is our birthright and the soul's desire to meet our divinity.    Read More >


Lauren's Mission

Learn the story of the woman behind The Clarity Cure™ and how she has created balance between business world and the spiritual realm.

Health Coaching

As a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, Lauren provides a wide range of services to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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