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After receiving my personal reading and guidance from Lauren. I can already feel myself becoming stronger and trusting in myself and my path once again. Her style of intuiting and sharing information from Spirit is authentic, beautiful, charming and real. I laughed from a space in my heart, that now feels more open. I feel the changes I wanted becoming a reality. I discovered aspects about myself I had never considered and now are something to celebrate. I needed help seeing in a new way and I got it. My experiences feel validated and worthwhile. And I feel more whole again. A major weight has lifted from my heart.

Lauren! I can’t thank you enough and will book again soon. 

Jewel ~ Alberta, Canada

Lauren is an extremely compassionate, kind, and intuitive woman. There is a familiarity about her that makes you feel as if you've been friends for years, which made my reading that much more meaningful. She cares just as much about the messages as you do and this is evident in her warm delivery. Lauren's abilities to read the cards for what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear is truly beautiful and unique. She provided me with my numerology in detail and a video reading and both hold such significance in my heart. She came into my life at just the right time and gifted me the guidance I really needed. She is a very special and talented human being and I am blessed to now have her in my life!

Jennifer, Philadelphia

Thank you Lauren for an awesome reading!  You gave me clarity to what I already knew without me telling you anything!  Very positive message and it gave me permission to release when I was in doubt of what to do next.  Your readings are very powerful and uplifting.   Thank you for sharing your GIFT!

Vanessa ~ California

I just finished watching your reading video for Sagittarius 2018. Let's just say it was bang on and so was last month about meeting a Virgo through work and that it was only going to last a little while.. I just want to say how really true this is for me and this month too. I did meet a guy who is a Aquarius who's single and does work a lot too.. and omg the other cards.. when you spoke about moving on and letting go it's so true because I'm still trying to move from the Virgo. I just wanted to share that with you..that everything you said about these last two months are actually bang on!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

Janet ~ New Zealand

I was  never a person who watched or even understood tarot cards, I was drawn to YouTube because I used to subscribe to affirmation videos. So it was by pure coincidence that one of Lauren’s video’s popped up while I was listening to the affirmation video. For the first time ever, her message in her video resonated with me so deeply, it felt like a personal reading.. like she was speaking directly to me. I booked a reading with her, someone who I didn’t even know, who lived thousands of miles away from where I live in South Africa. Her reading was spot on, honest and helped me heal and move forward from unhealthy situations. I’ve also recently done a distance healing session with her and the results have been incredible after only one session. I continue to work with Lauren on my healing and self discovery journey. Lauren made me feel like I’m the most important person in the life despite her busy schedule. She always responds to my emails with amazing kindness and comforting guidance. I feel I have a sister on the other side of the world. Lauren is a gifted healer, a true professional and I feel blessed to have been led to her healing hands. May you be blessed Lauren and protected, to touch so many other’s lives with your gifts.

Gwen, Johannesburg, South Africa

I was very blessed to receive my first tarot intuitive reading from Lauren. And I was truly amazed with her gift. It wasn’t face-to-face or Skype or was through an email. My thought when I first sent the email was “how will she be able to read me?” Well she did just that and more. I asked her my “love reading” question and one line back story. With her astonishing gift she didn’t need more than that. She sent back my reading through YouTube and she hit every point using her extraordinary clairvoyant intuitive skills. Her guidance with the Tarot was astounding. In her sweet, honest and kind delivery she told me the best way to move forward. I felt as if she knew me and my man. Reach out to Lauren and be amazed and get the help and clarity to your questions. What a blessing I found her!! I look forward to getting my updated readings in the near future. 

Virginia - New Jersey

I got a private tarot card reading from Lauren and with the brief information which I provide to her, Lauren gave me a reading which was very positive and accurate! It was amazing!! I gained Lauren’s assistance in energy block removal which I have always thought about doing but never got it done before. I purchase 3 sessions from her. After the 1st energy block removal I actually felt physically sick...lack of energy, noxious and tired. Lauren explained to me this is normal as she felt and saw that my energy is so enclosed! After the 2nd session I had the same feeling but not as intense. After the 3rd session I felt REALLY positive and just HAPPY! My fears and anxiety are diminishing day by day as positive reinforcement thoughts just automatically come into my mind! Lauren always reached out to me through via email or phone call to ensure I am doing and feeling well. I will continue to work with Lauren in the future.

Thank you Lauren for all your help and guidance :)

- Kaajal, Canada

My distant reiki session with Lauren was even better than I anticipated. Being that it was a distant session I wasn't sure if I would feel anything but to my surprise I did. During our session I felt a head to toe vibration followed by a strong feeling of peace, like all was good and there was nothing to worry about. It's been three days since my session and I can definitely say I'm feeling better than before :) 

- T.M. San Francisco, California

 Lauren, Thank you so much for my reading. You are a beautiful soul! I needed to hear everything you said. Your honest approach and tough love truly woke me up and it’s what I needed. It’s funny how the universe guides one to where they need to be and I needed to come across your page and be guided to this reading because it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve had a couple of readings honestly but I just didn’t feel complete or at clarity from them (all of them told me to wait he’s my soulmate, divine timing and the universe is working in my love life) but none of them settled with me as if that wasn’t my story and my intuition just kept telling me no you need to go on with life. 

-Jasmine, MA

Lauren, I'm still buzzing about the reading you gave me! Loved it! I recommend anyone who is seeing this to get a reading from Lauren..she is amazingly accurate and so kind! There was so much detail she gave me about my situation...Lauren is definitely gifted and honest in her readings. I can't say enough about her...I feel like I have made a new friend! Thanks again Lauren...


Lauren is a wonderful healer, and has helped me work through a multitude of emotions in my life. She has gently guided me to stay true to my calling, and bring perspective into my daily life, by using her guided meditations and through her coaching sessions. Lauren is highly intuitive and truly respects the gifts that have been given to her. Her gifts are enormous and she is always willing to share. I am tremendously pleased with her work and the guidance she has given me. I have become a better person, and more aware of my inner and outer surrounds as a result in working with Lauren. I highly recommend Lauren as and I consider Lauren to be Advanced Master healer in her field.

–Tina, Connecticut

To anyone who is thinking about shifting their life in the best way possible, I highly recommend you to contact Lauren! She is not only extremely knowledgeable and talented, she is gifted, gracious and just fabulous! One session with her and I instantly feel lighter, happier and more alive. Feeling like I am back in my groove is worth it’s weight in gold to me and I go to Lauren whenever I feel stagnant or stuck.

I had The Clarity Cure Aura Cellular Cleanse and I’m much happier, my light shines brighter, I am much more focused and on my game! Lauren has the ability to work with you and your energy in person and from afar and you will feel the difference right away. She tells you all about how she worked on you, what she found and best of all what to do to help stay this way as long as possible. She is a wealth of knowledge, takes her time, has amazing calming energy and is graciously sharing her gift with the world.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your gift with me, I’m forever grateful!

–Michelle A. DeBerry

I have been working Lauren for the last 2 years! She has given me great insight and direction in my life. I believe I’m where I am today because of her help. I completely trust and believe in her!

–Tasha, Texas

Lauren is an amazing mentor and healer. She knew immediately after spending only an hour with me what I needed to do to get past my issues of repeating negative behavior.  Her Introduction to become a conscious creation has opened my eyes to how I need to value and balance my life. I highly recommend Lauren to help get clear on living a happy and fulfilling life. I look forward to taking her 21-Day Miracle in the Making program.

–Jennifer Koch, Las Vegas, NV

Lauren is patient, loving and kind in her energy healings. I have grown in my vision of self awareness and expanded my horizons to see outside my box of preconceptions and how to be connected with my true soul for my growth and healing.  My spirituality and intuition has grown with Laurens help by guiding me through her process for overall wellness. I recommend Lauren for anyone looking to find clarity and true prosperity.

–Mary, Las Vegas, NV

Lauren is a powerful healer offering her intuitive ability to get right to the heart of the matter. I was suffering from stress and anxiety.  Her innate gifts assisted me in creating the life I desired by using a combination of energy healings and soul enlightenment coaching. I not only experienced an incredible connection to my body with relaxation, but a journey into my soul. She knew immediately how to move me through my issues with a customized plan made especially for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find true peace and joy

–Carolyn Trent, Las Vegas, NV

I am amazed. Lauren opened me up to the greatest potential I have ever experienced in myself and her ability to “see me” and assist me has probably saved me years of therapy. I am excited to continue working with her and look forward to taking one of her programs.

–Kathy Holt, Las Vegas, NV

Lauren and I studied Usui Reiki together. It has been an experience that I have come to honor and cherish. Lauren is a deeply compassionate and empathic healer. She offers her intuitive insights freely and from a loving place that honors the individual. I am always an eager recipient of her powerful and skillful gift. I am grateful to have Lauren as a friend and healer.

–Mercedes Warrick, Las Vegas, NV

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