The tarot is simply a divination, a gateway that taps into psychic and spiritual connections. The cards are a point of focus that allows the flow of energy and information from spirit. During a reading a connection between the energies of the cards and the higher self align with that of the source energies, which brings the information needed at the time of the reading.

Tarot Cards

In a traditional deck of tarot, there are 78 cards that are broken down into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The minor arcana are then broken down into suits, typically pentacles, swords, wands and cups. Each suit has a meaning, as does each card positioned within the suit and of course each of the major arcana also have their own meanings.

Tarot cards are specially designed with pictures and symbols on them, and contained within these pictures and symbols are particular energies and messages that date back over 700 years ago. Through a specific layout of the cards they reveal information about a situation or event in ones life, past, present or future.

Tarot cards speak in the language of pictures and symbols. And the Tarot card reader interprets them. Tarot card readers have their own method of interpretation although they follow the general meaning of the cards as a guideline. No psychic can see all aspects of your life, make your problems disappear, or make your dreams come true.

The purpose of a reading can bring clarity, insight, confirmation, and direction into ones life, which gives the opportunity to make better decisions. Remember, your life is the product of “free will” however, despite the past but moving into the future, a tarot reading can help in making those better decisions.

It is best to have questions prepared when having a reading, as this helps to focus the energy and information coming through, so that you will receive the most benefit from the reading.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a modern version of tarot cards and are useful for anyone looking for additional answers and meaning during a reading. They differ from tarot cards in that they do not necessarily follow the traditional suits of tarot cards. Since there is less structure to an oracle card deck more divine guidance is available to help shape the reading to bring in more relevant information.

The decks can come with any number of cards, with or without a reference book and are traditionally designed around a particular theme like romance or healing or deities, like angels or ascended masters.

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