The Clarity Cure™

Lauren's Clarity Cure™ method — is a holistic healing approach to wellness by addressing wholeness within the body, mind & soul. Together they work as a system of energy and this system depends on our current "state of being". The goal is to treat the physical, mental and spiritual health of an individual as one, as a whole, to help create the life they really want.

Our “state of being” needs to be in alignment. Let’s first understand the connection. The soul gives our body its life force and directs our behavior and actions into physical form. The brain registers and filters these thoughts and emotions while the body generates nerve impulses. The body then becomes the product of both our mind and soul. This communication must be balanced, mastered and harmonized which can be accomplished by taking action, being self-aware, living with intention, and having a vision or purpose. Through this process the brains pineal gland is activated which helps us find the true meaning of our lives. Our hope and will must be stronger than our need to be tied to attachments, while choosing to live a healthy life.

Lauren assesses her clients current "state of being" by using the following concepts of holistic wholeness that must be considered in developing and living an authentic, happy & healthy self-reliant abundant life:

1. Strengthening the body & brain 2. Managing emotions and relationships 3. Connecting with nature and the sustainability of our environment 4. Having purpose and a vision.

Lauren's Clarity Cure™ method — is like a gateway, a key that allows her to see into her client's soul journey while building a healing bridge between their past and future. This universal connection allows her clients to find their true soul destiny in transforming their lives with purpose, peace and promise.

This clairvoyant empathic vibration cannot only receive and pick up energy on what issues need to be addressed, but also project revitalizing, healing energy. Being an empath, Lauren can deeply connect with universal energy, pertinent information and human vibrations from anyone surrounding her. Lauren not only has the ability to empathize with another, but also understands her client’s entire emotional process, which brings clarity and wisdom to those who are drawn to her.

Lauren has treated clients struggling with a wide array of issues, from divorce to death, family and domestic issues, substance abuse, body image, relationships, trauma, and losses of many kinds. Some of Lauren’s work has included but not limited to psychic surgery, angelic and saint intervention, Christ DNA healing, soul retrieval, Native American medicine and Hindu deity guidance.

Whether you choose to experience an intuitive reading or physical healing, Lauren creates your own custom Clarity Cure to find peace in any life situation.


Lauren's psychic empathic abilities include:


The empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places.


The empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis


The empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits.

Nature Communication

The empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants.

Physical Healing

The empathic ability to feel other people’s physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)

Emotional Healing

The empathic ability to feel another person’s emotions.

Animal Communication

The empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals.

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