Meet Lauren & Her Mission


Lauren is a whole soul life stylist specializing in chi energy medicine healing, intuitive tarot & oracle readings, health coaching, astrology, yoga, meditation, spiritual empowerment and life mentoring. She’s studied the healing arts along with many holistic and healing modalities for over 25 years. She is a Tao healer, specializing in eastern philosophy, Reiki master, metaphysician and minister. Her integrated approach makes for a powerful combination of a spiritual confidante, clairvoyant energy healer, an anti-aging yoga and whole health expert.

Her mission is to help her clients heal in order to find their true purpose in life by discovering who they are on a soul level. The blessing of life is to complete ourselves. Just like birth is certain, so is death. She guides her clients to be self-reliant while opening their hearts to "change". Healing is essentially about "change" however; the desire and intention must be there. Deep, deep down inside, we all want to know, "who am I"? and "why am I here"? This yearning is our birthright and the soul's desire to meet our divinity.

She offers individual private sessions, speaking keynotes, group and corporate programs that empower her clients to develop and realize their full potential towards positive change. Through her sessions and her gift of clairvoyance, she assesses their sense of identity, personal power, life goals, health concerns, spiritual beliefs and relationship desires. Some of her healing sessions include chakra balancing, quantum cell renewal, light & sound as well as distant reiki. Her reading services include intuitive tarot, oracle & astrology reports.

After years of extensive training and reaching her own spiritual enlightenment, she realized her true soul purpose was to help others in their transformation process. Born an empath, she’s been offering guidance from a very young age. Lauren developed her gifts by harnessing her own soul-searching process while defining her true calling. She now offers the same opportunity to others by empowering and professionally sharing her clairvoyant insights.

Armed with a bevy of carefully honed skills including the ability to read others, she now assists and guides her clients in healing their pain, discovering their true value, finding hope and peace, resolving life issues, finding purpose, staying fit, eating well, looking ageless and feeling youthful. Sessions can be customized and curated to every client's needs, budget and time commitment regardless of location. Lauren works with people from all over the world. 

 Soul-inspired and dedicated to her client’s peace and happiness, Lauren is available to elevate you in your soul’s journey. 

Learn about the wellness services Lauren offers in-person clients in Las Vegas, NV and anywhere around the world via phone or Skype!