Intuitive Readings By Lauren Larsen in Las Vegas and Via Skype

What is an Intuitive Clairvoyant Reading?

Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see energy clearly through the higher self-mind and with that of spirit. In a clairvoyant reading the energy shows the pathway of psychic information that may be keeping you stuck as well as, the soul growth stage and what is needed to move forward into the conscious mind and body. This type of reading validates your spirit and creates a powerful and safe space to heal. Each session is individually designed to heal and empower so you can move forward in creating the changes you want to transform your life. Clairvoyant Intuitive readings are neutral, non judgmental, compassionate and most importantly focus on your question or the subject you are interested in exploring.

What to expect in your reading

As a spiritual being, having a human experience, you are growing and changing everyday. You have the ability to heal yourself and create tremendous growth and change. You have freewill and the ability to create your future with clarity by clearing and healing in the present. A reading helps you gain clarity in whatever area you choose to focus on. With conscious awareness you have the power to heal, move forward, make meaningful choices, and live an amazing life. 

How can an intuitive reading help you?

  • An intuitive reading can help put things into perspective and bring clarity with decision-making, bringing peace of mind.

  • An intuitive reading can help you to discover your core passions and creativity.

  • An intuitive reading can get you in touch with past lives, that you have lived before and your relationships to others in past lives.

  • An intuitive reading can be used when you need affirmation or confirmation on something you are experiencing.

  • An intuitive reading can help you to discover blocks in your life that are preventing you from being inwardly and outwardly successful.

  • An intuitive reading can help you with a career change, as well as what type of work is best suited for you.

During a intuitive reading you can ask questions in the areas of career, work, love, relationships, family, health, money, life’s purpose or spiritual path.

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