Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation


Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation

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When you open your third eye or activate your pineal gland, it raises the level of insight and intuition in you.

When your level of consciousness increases, you can see the unseen. Your third eye is always available but invisible, unlike our other eyes.

It gives us insight, knowledge, and wisdom about what happened in the past, what is currently ongoing in the present and what is going to occur in future.

This Third Eye Activation will help you to perceive the world in a whole new way! You will be amazed how your mindset shifts while releasing, what I call, the monkey mind. Focus and a heightened sense of perception will boost your confidence giving you the solid body mind foundation to walk your true life path. Harnessing what it really takes to stay seated in your unwavering success.

Here are some benefits:

  • Your soul guided intuition increases

  • It makes you more aware and conscious

  • It increases self-confidence and self-trust

  • It improves your spiritual practice

  • It improves the body mind connection

  • It opens your perception to higher realms

  • It reduces anxiety, pain, and fear

  • It helps you in taking better decisions

  • It acts as a guide in your path of life

  • It increases your skills and abilities.

  • it raises your ethereal energy vibration

This Third Eye, pineal gland, activation is offered as a 30 minute distant healing session or in person. It also includes an overall 7 chakra cleanse and aura clearing with a focus on the third eye + guided meditation. 

Distant (remote or absentee) healing is when a practitioner sends healing energy towards an individual, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future. Distant healing energy works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved, and will never override a person’s free will, nor cause harm. The only requirement for distance treatments is permission to have this energy flow to you and have a sincere willingness to receive and benefit from this energy.

Pricing based on a 30 minute session. Pre-payment is required to book an appointment. 24 hour cancellation is required for all confirmed appointments. Thank you!

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