Curious where you stand in terms of holistic health and wellness of the body, mind & soul? Grab a piece of paper and take Soul Stylist Lauren Larsen's insightful little quiz that will gauge your level of personal clarity:

Your Body

1.      I get at least 30 minutes of heart pumping exercise:

a.     5-6 times per week
b.    3-4 times per week
c.     1-2 times per week
d.    I would rather watch TV

2.     I stretch my body using yoga or some form of exercise:

a.    5-6 times per week
b.    3-4 times per week
c.     1-2 times per week
d.    I stretch out on the couch

3.     My diet consists of:

a.    7-10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, whole grains, low fat, minimal alcohol or red meat
b.    4-6 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, some whole grains, moderate fat, some red meat
c.     Refined grains, red meat often, and minimal fruits and vegetables
d.    I eat whatever I want including fast food and junk food

4.     I sleep

a.    At least 8 hours most of the time
b.    6-7 hours usually
c.     One and off
d.    I stay up late by choice

Your Mind

1.     Does your mind race with constant thoughts

a.    Always
b.    Often
c.     Only when I am faced with a difficult decision
d.    I find the time to reflect in either prayer or meditation

2.     I enjoy learning new skills such as a hobby

a.    When I have free time
b.    When I have nothing to do
c.     Hardly
d.    I feel I have all the skills I need

3.     I enjoy reading

a.    All the time. I enjoy learning new things
b.    1-2 times a week
c.     Once in a while
d.    Never

4.     I enjoy conversation

a.    Intense, like a challenging debate
b.    Some debate, but nothing to intense
c.     People that agree with me
d.    I rather not engage

Your Emotions

1.     I wake up with enthusiasm for the day ahead

a.    Everyday
b.    Often
c.     Sometimes
d.    Never. Everyday seems like a chore

2.     I confidently find solutions for the challenges in my life

a.    Always
b.    Often
c.     Sometimes
d.    I listen inside and follow my intuition

3.     During stressful times

a.    I keep my vision, meditate, stay healthy and give love to others
b.    I get somewhat stressed
c.     I let stressful situations ruin my day
d.    I explode and lose my temper

4.     I feel valued and appreciated

a.    Everyday
b.    Often
c.     Sometimes
d.    Hardly

Your Life

1.     I have control over

a.    The conditions of my life
b.    My attitude about life
c.     Very little
d.    Nothing

2.     Describe the way you feel about your current career

a.    I feel lucky that I get to do what I do
b.    I like my work, but I hit the snooze button more than once
c.     I would love to do something else, but what?
d.    I am a student or retired

3.     Do the choices you make everyday get you what you want?

a.    Always, I am aligned with my true purpose
b.    Often, I follow my intuition
c.     Sometimes, I find myself questioning myself
d.    Hardly, I ask others what I should do

4.     Describe the kinds of goals you set for yourself

a.    I set ambitious goals, and I love taking action
b.    I set realistic goals that I know I can achieve
c.     I am not a goal setter, I forget to follow through
d.    I just exist

This is just a fun assessment and there are no right answers. The fact that you are taking this quiz means you ready to see where you are today.  You are ready to take yourself from today to a new level of clarity, awareness and wisdom. To calculate your scores, for each “a” answer give yourself 4 points, “b” 3 points, “c” 2 points and “d” one point.

55-64 points: You are physically healthy and probably already on a journey of body, mind and spirit enlightenment.

40-54 points: You are part of the majority of people taking this quiz. You may have some limits on your thinking and lifestyle, but you also have great potential.

26-39 points: You are not feeling, looking, thinking or doing your best, and you know it. You’re probably angry with yourself, but please forgive yourself. You can improve your health, overall outlook on life and your mind.

16-25 points: You’ve been allowing yourself to neglect everything that matters, from your health to your job to your future. You need to make some changes fast.

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