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BHP (Brain Education Healing Point)

  • Salt Room LV 1958 Village Center Circle Las Vegas, NV, 89134 United States (map)

BHP - Brain Healing Point Energy Workshop is a simple self-healing method for pain relief and mind-body relaxation using acupressure and reflexology to stimulate imbalances that promote healing within the body. Join Lauren to receive an energy healing and learn how to activate your own natural healing power by awakening your brain to places in the body that are blocked. By activating these points, you will enhance your physical well being, emotional balance and mental clarity.
What is BHP Energy Healing?

BHP stands for Brain Healing Point, which are acupressure points on your body that signal an imbalance. BHP Energy Healing uses the wisdom of reflexology and acupressure to stimulate these points and activate your natural healing power, or the ability of your brain and body to maintain a healthy state.

Stimulating your BHP directs your brain to what needs to be fixed in your physical well-being, emotional balance, and mental capability. This is possible because the brain and body are connected by neural networks and hormones, as well as the body’s system of energy channels, through which the electromagnetic energy that animates you, flows naturally. Stress, emotions, and toxins in the body naturally build up over time and cause our brains and organs to become stiff. When toxic energy accumulates, we get physically and emotionally sick so it's important to know how to release that tension. If our brains are tense, we cannot think straight and it can lead to brain fog and elevated stress. Similarly, when our organs are stiff, they don’t function properly either which means we can’t get rid of toxins effectively due to poor energy and blood circulation. Since we can’t physically touch our organs and brain to massage out the kinks and release stress and toxins, we can access those parts of the body through BHP Brain Healing Point.

• Relief of joint and muscle pain, especially in the neck and shoulders

• Deeper and more refreshing sleep

• Relief of nausea

• Better circulation

• Improved digestion

• Release of emotional trauma

• Easier management of stress

• Renewed sense of confidence

• Better concentration

• Greater awareness of your natural healing ability

Space is limited, to RSVP please call 702.228.7258

RSVP REQUIRED by CALLING 702.228.7258 - or online:

Cost: $35
Location: The Salt Room - in the Salt Cave
1958 Village Center Cir. Ste 7
Las Vegas, NV 89134

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