An Angelic and Ascended Masters Healing is an opportunity for you to connect on a more personal level with the angels, guides, and ascended masters who are present to support you in your daily life. Across all spiritual traditions, angels have appeared as messengers of the Divine, and have served as helpers in personal growth and healing.

These Healings, which have no affiliation with any specific spiritual tradition or religion, allow the angels, guides, and ascended masters to offer information in response to your questions about your life. Each Angel Healing Session includes guidance about how you may best work directly with your angels to heal areas of your life. The intent of these sessions is to transmit the information that is most beneficial to your understanding of your life, as well as to empower you to work directly with your angels and guides on your own.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth, fulfilled their reason for being and have ascended and reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension. The ascended masters are the true teachers of mankind. They direct the spiritual evolution of all devotees of God and guide them back to their source.


Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency, which is why we are unable to perceive them ordinarily.  As our own frequencies start to shift, we become able to perceive the etheric realms more easily and clearly.  Many people sense their presence; some hear them, while others encounter them in dreams and visions.  Angels are all around us, watching over us, and we can call upon them any time.  These entities evolve by serving humanity, and by calling upon angels we are therefore helping them, as well as helping ourselves.

Angels are not part of the human stream of consciousness and have never incarnated in human form, although they may assume human form temporarily.  Humans never evolve into angels. Angels are genderless beings since they possess both male and female qualities.  One person may perceive a particular angel or archangel as female, whereas another individual will see this same being as male.  They are actually androgynous beings, with their masculine and feminine aspects in perfect balance.

We all have our own, special guardian angel that journey with us throughout all of our numerous incarnations.  This one loves us unconditionally and knows us inside out.  We also have another accompanying personal angel, who works alongside our guardian angel, but is only present for one incarnation.  This angel is present with you from the moment that the soul decides to reincarnate until the point of death.   This angel will accompany you through this lifetime, through all of your trials and tribulations, but will not be present the next time you incarnate.  An angel who is specific to a particular incarnation will be very attuned to that particular lifetime.  My personal angel is highly experienced in the healing arts and helps guide me in my healing sessions

Guardian Angels

  • Have never been human

  • They show up from the moment of your conception and stay with you for the duration of your life

  • They guide, protect, and nurture you – body, mind and spirit

  • They are with you at the moment of your death

  • Angels are the only spirit being than can appear in human form


  • Are God’s most important messengers

  • Are the power-booster packs of your spiritual support team

  • Are strong, friendly, and kind, and don’t have egos like human beings

  • Love to be called upon because to serve you is to serve God

  • Can be invoked through chanting their name slowly between breaths

The Seven Archangels

  • Michael is the captain of all the angels and archangels. He serves on God's blue ray, which is the ray of protection. You can ask him for both physical and spiritual protection. This includes protection from accidents, crime, psychic aggression and even demons.

  • Jophiel serves on the yellow ray of illumination. Why not ask him to help you absorb information when you are studying and when you need wisdom?

  • Chamuel serves on the pink ray of spiritual love. Ask him to help you resolve relationship problems, find a job... and also to locate a lost object! So you could ask him to tell you where your keys are when you are rushing for work.

  • Gabriel is probably the most well known. Christians teach that he told Mary she would give birth to the baby Jesus and Muslims believe he dictated the Qu'ran to Mohamed. He serves on the white ray of purity. Ask him to help you establish discipline and order in your life.

  • Raphael serves on the green ray of divine healing. Ask him for the healing of your body, mind soul and spirit. He is also helpful when you need to have your physical needs met such as food, clothing, shelter and tools of your trade.

  • Uriel serves on the ray of peace. This ray is purple and gold flecked with ruby. Next time you are having a disagreement with someone why not ask him for help in creating a peaceful resolution?

  • Zadkiel serves on the violet ray of forgiveness. Ask him to help you if you are having a problem with this, and also with tolerance and diplomacy. He will help you bring joy back to your life if you ask him.

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