Halo Holistic Energy Healing


Halo Holistic Energy Healing


This service includes one personalized energy healing session in one of the Salt Room LV's private treatment rooms.

The Salt Room LV (Summerlin)
1958 Village Center Cir Ste 7
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Pricing based on a 90 minute session. Pre-payment is required to book an appointment. 24 hour cancellation is required for all confirmed appointments. Thank you!

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About This Service

Halo Holistic Energy Healing, created exclusively for Salt Room LV brings together two gentle yet powerful healing techniques. Indulge your senses and renew your health in a hypo bacteria and allergen free environment with a Himalayan salt infused Clarity Cure™ healing treatment.

The Clarity Cure™ is a healing clairvoyant energy medicine channeled through Lauren to assist in identifying healing limitations and blockages, health issues, trauma and emotional pain that stunts the soul’s growth. This healing energy is a dimensional empathic vibration of universal life energy, reiki, qigong and divine spiritual techniques. It’s exactly what her clients need to become whole and healed.

Relax in privacy in your own private Salt Room and experience this gentle and non-intrusive healing technique that has several basic effects: it brings out deep relaxation, relieves stress, destroys energy blockages, balances energy centers (chakras) detoxifies the system, provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body.

Salt Room LV offers Salt Therapy, also referred to as Halotherapy; is the process of breathing dry, micronized salt particles in the form of salt air, which are produced by the Halogenerator. These particles can travel to the smallest and deepest areas of the lungs and sinuses.  Inhalation of the salt helps reduce respiratory inflammation and increases the clearance of congestion.  Benefits include increased flow of oxygen in the blood, strengthens immune system, assistance to help clear up:  sinus infections, allergies, fatigue, asthma and so much more.